What is the Lanark County Tourism Association?

The LCTA is a membership-based, not for profit organization. We are a volunteer board of directors comprised of industry and business representatives who work in partnership with regional tourism organizations, local business organizations and Lanark County Tourism (LCT).

Prior to 2013 the LCTA fell under the umbrella of LCT who in addition to their own projects provided operational staff.

In 2014, the LCTA and LCT decided to focus on different areas of the tourism product in Lanark County, keeping our focus on driving the needs of our members while the County works at developing an overarching strategic plan, in which we’ll play a role. Working with the Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) and the County we have collectively created a Destination Development Plan which identifies our ideal guest and is the launching pad of creating an experience based tourism destination. As we move from the traditional tourism focus of ‘things’ to ‘creating experiences’ we at the LCTA are looking at how we can support our members in creating those experiences travellers are seeking.s

How are the two organizations funded?

Taking direction from Council and the Economic Development Committee, Lanark County Tourism (LCT) is one of the economic development activities of the Lanark County administration. LCTs primary purpose is to foster the growth of tourism within Lanark County as it is one of the largest industries in the County following the public sector. Operation is funded by County tax revenues and grants, where possible.

The Lanark County Tourism Association is a member financed organization. Tourism in Lanark County consists of a moderate number of small and medium sized business operators creating the need for an industry focussed association to create critical mass in the best interests of these businesses.