Who are LCT and LCTA?

Some people are confused by the difference between the Lanark County Tourism Association (LCTA) and Lanark County Tourism (LCT). LCTA is a membership-based organization that promotes the interests of its members in order to help direct tourism spending in Lanark County to better meet the needs of the tourism industry. In short, just like a Chamber of Commerce is the voice of commerce in a community, LCTA is the voice of tourism, working for members to get the best bang for their tourism dollar!

LCTA partners with Lanark County Tourism for projects that benefit Lanark County tourism as well as LCTA members. Lanark County Tourism is an excellent resource for planning a trip to the region, for regional events and other tourism related information. Lanark County Tourism can be reached by visiting their website at http://www.lanarkcountytourism.com.